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New rules and regulations are emerging on a regular basis to do with disposing of your old IT and office-based equipment. Tech Recycle are the leading {product_name} company in {location_name}.

Making sure you are compliant with the UK and European regulations, finding a {product_name} company you can trust in and making sure they have the right ethical and business approach can be difficult, time-consuming and often costly.

Whether you are a corporate looking to update or virtualize your hardware, an education authority looking to replace desktops or a leasing company looking to correctly dispose of ex leased equipment, Tech-Recycle is your first point of call for {product_name} in {location_name}.

As experienced IT industry professionals, we know what is required and what you require to safely, professionally and ethically recycle your IT equipment. We are fully WEEE compliant, Microsoft Authorised Refurbishers.

We will destroy all data passed to us safely and securely. The destruction process meets or exceeds many internationally recognized standards including the UK’s Communications-Electronics Security Group’s (CESG’s) HMG Infosec Standard No. 5 and US Army AR380-19 DoD 5220.22 M

We accept the following IT related equipment:
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  • Desktops, laptops, workstations, and monitors
  • Standalone and rackmount servers
  • Routers, Hubs & switches, WAP, printers, scanners
  • Firewall and UTM products
  • Comms and server cabinets
  • VoIP, SIP, telephony equipment
  • Fax and photocopiers