Computer Disposal in Hampshire

Got a computer (or several!) that you need to dispose of in a safe and ethical manner? Then get in touch with the team at Tech-Recycle today. Tech-Recycle provide a free recycling service for your computers and other IT equipment. So if yours has been taking up space in your store room for far too long, simply call the team and they’ll arrange to collect it from you at a time that’s convenient to you. Whether you’re in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Guildford, Southampton, Woking or Reading, Tech-Recycle is on hand to help.

Destroying your Data Securely

When you recycle your company’s redundant computers with Tech-Recycle you can relax in the knowledge that your data will be destroyed safely and securely. The company’s destruction process meets or exceeds international standards, including the UK’s Communications Electronics Security Group’s HMG Infosec Standard No.5 and US Army AR380-19 DoD 5220.22 M. You data will be irretrievably erased, or if it’s of a physical nature it will be shredded. You’ll receive Duty of Care notices and Certificates of Data Destruction for your peace of mind. To learn more about the company and its service go ahead and visit the website today.

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