The WEEElieBin Solution


Our WEEElieBins are a tidy, convenient, safe and eco-friendly on-site solution that makes recycling waste electrical items easy and ensures that businesses are compliant with current WEEE legislation.
Simply put, it’s a waterproof lockable container placed on your premises that you fill with waste electrical and electronic items for recycling and recovery.
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, our WEEElieBins offer the complete solution for businesses in need of a simple way to dispose of their electrical and electronic waste.
Computers, televisions, monitors, cables: If it’s electrical and fits in the WEEElieBin then put it in! *

We also ensure full data destruction of sensitive equipment including computer hard drives, servers, data tapes etc. – see here for details of our data destruction service.

Click here for a .pdf info sheet including an order form for our WEEElieBin

How the WEEElieBin works

Using our WEEElieBin service couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is simply follow these steps:

  • Phone 01252 757790 to order your WEEElieBin.
  • Your WEEElieBin is delivered straight to your premises.
  • Fill your WEEElieBinwith waste electrical and electronic items.
  • When it’s full, call us to arrange collection.
  • We’ll collect your WEEElieBin and provide a replacement.
  • We’ll provide a waste transfer note.

What can I put in the bin?

*You can fill the WEEElieBin with any electrical items with the exception of fluorescent tubes, light bulbs, CRT Monitors/TVs, fridges and whiteboards. Items such as TV’s are subject to our usual charges. Please avoid packaging such as cardboard boxes, polystyrene, plastic bags etc. – this enables you to fit more in your WEEElieBin.

What does it cost?

There is a one off payment to have your first WEEElieBin delivered, after that we will collect and replace the WEEElieBin whenever it is full with no extra charges*

*If the collection does not contain 10 qualifying items it will be subject to our standard charge.
If your WEEElieBin is damaged and requires replacement there will be a charge of £200 plus VAT

WEEElieBin Details and cost:

  • 1100 l – £230 + VAT (130 cm high – 137 cm wide – 112 cm deep)

Click here for a .pdf info sheet including an order form for our WEEElieBin

What our customers say about us:
  • Very efficient and quick service, would highly recommend if you want to recycle your tech goods in an environmentally friendly way.

    Louisa Browne
  • Really impressed - prompt, efficient, friendly service. Can't fault them.

    Steve Brinton
  • Easy to arrange by email and scope of items collected covers a wide range of IT & electricals. Driver rang ahead of collection and was friendly and efficient. Waste transfer note issued immediately. We have... read more

    Suzanne Tucker
  • I inherited an IT store full to bursting with IT kit that I don't need. Tech-Recycle to the rescue.Filled in a simple web form and was contacted the same day to arrange collection. Driver arrived as arranged and was helpful... read more

    Paul Price
  • As a Facilities Manager I have used Tech Recycle for many years & have always had an excellent service. I am very happy to recommend then as a service provider.

    Gordon Coe
  • Amazing service! After decommissioning ICT equipment that was decades old...and just so much of it Tech-Recyle made the end process just so easy and simple. Filled out a form on a Tuesday, it was picked up, removed and provided with... read more

    Leah Vogler
  • I would like say how good the service that Tech Recycle give. We have used them for a while now and their always very helpful and prompt. A great service.

    Marcus Bradbury
  • We used Tech-Recycle to dispose of redundant office printers and PCs. They offer a collection service which we did not use on this occasion as their site is close to our office, but we have used it in the past.... read more

    Sue Urquhart
  • Another smooth collection with a friendly and helpful driver. Emailed them through their online collection request page, within 30 min I was emailed back with a collection date, queries regarding the collection of an old TV were answered in... read more

    Matt Yeoman
  • We've used Tech Recycle a number of times over the years and we're very pleased with their continued great service.

    Glitch IT