Paper/Document shredding

Whether you require regular, ad-hoc or one-off confidential paper shredding services, we provide a highly professional, secure, convenient and cost-effective solution to all your paper shredding and recycling needs.

For an ad-hoc or one-off collection, we can collect and shred your documents for £50.00 for the first 1-10 bags/boxes, then £3.00 per additional bag/box.

Please ensure the bags/boxes are easily accessible.

Please use any type of bag or box that is liftable for our driver without splitting in transportation. We ask for the bags/boxes to weigh no more than 15kg each for our drivers safety. (there is no need to weigh as long as the bag is a sensible weight to lift)

We can supply recycling sacks in packs of 25 for £20.00.

No need to separate staples, paper clips etc…as it’s all ok to be in the bags, but please avoid mass volumes of plastic wallets as it contaminates the paper for recycling

Your documents will be collected from your site and then transported to our destruction facility for shredding on the same day, you’ll then get a certificate of destruction following the shredding of your documents.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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