Computer Disposal in Reading

Most of us go through several computers over a lifetime and this is a sign of how technology is advancing. A brand new computer today will be old news this time next year. For those who seek the best technology that money can buy, this is simply not good enough and they’re continually looking to upgrade to the newest model. This is bad news for our environment, especially when many people choose to dispose of their old computers unethically at their local landfill. An alternative means of disposing of your redundant IT equipment is to use Tech-Recycle. A Surrey-based company, Tech-Recycle is able to collect your old computers in order to recycle them safely and ethically.

How Does it Work?

Tech-Recycle’s service is simple, which is no doubt why it is so popular with both private and commercial customers. The company is able to collect your old IT equipment at a time that’s convenient to you in order to refurbish it and redeploy it to those who don’t have the budget to buy new. Recipients may be start-ups, charities and families. The service is completely free and you can rest-assured that you won’t pay a single penny throughout the process. Whether you’re based in Surrey, London, Hampshire, Guildford, Southampton, Woking or Reading, get in touch today to find out more. Call 01252 757790 now to speak to one of the friendly team.


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