Computer Disposal Woking

Do you need to dispose of your old computer? Then rather than simply consigning it to landfill, why not recycle it? Computers – like many electronic items – contain heavy metals which are hazardous to the environment when disposed of in an improper manner. However, when you recycle your redundant computer you can do your bit for the environment whilst at the same time freeing up space in your home or workplace. You can recycle your old computer through UK company Tech-Recycle.

A Professional, Environmentally Responsible Company

Tech-Recycle will collect your redundant or end of life IT equipment from your home or your workplace. The team will then refurbish the equipment before redeploying it to those people who can’t afford to buy new equipment. These people may be families, charities or even start-ups who simply don’t have the budget to buy the equipment that they require. Any equipment that can’t be refurbished will be broken down and recycled. You can rest-assured that nothing will go to landfill. In this way, the company enables you to dispose of your old computers without harming the environment. They provide an ethical service that’s absolutely free. To learn more about Tech-Recycle visit the website today. Whether you’re in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Guildford, Southampton, Woking or Reading, it makes sense to find out more.

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