Do you want to recycle your old IT equipment safely and ethically? Then you’ll need to get in touch with a computer recycling firm like Tech-Recycle. Tech-Recycle is based in Farnham in Surrey and offers a completely free service to both domestic and commercial customers throughout its local area and beyond. So if you’re in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Guildford, Southampton, Woking or Reading and are looking for a computer recycling company that provides a fast and efficient service, look no further than Tech-Recycle. The firm can also collect equipment from anywhere in the UK, as long as you have ten or more items to recycle.

Complying with the Data Protection Act

When you recycle your old IT equipment with Tech-Recycle, you don’t need to worry about any personal or company data falling into the wrong hands. You can rest-assured that the team at Tech-Recycle will irretrievably erase any data that’s left on your machines. Tech-Recycle is registered with ICO (Information Commissioners Office) and ensures that its service complies with the data protection act. To find out more about Tech-Recycle and its service, head to the website or call 01252 757790 to discuss your needs with one of the friendly team.