With Windows 10 arriving, many people will be upgrading their operating system. Others might be replacing their computer all together. After all, Christmas is on its way; that usually means an influx of new gadgets.

Do you need computer recycling? Do you live in London? For free pick up and recycling services, simply contact Tech Recycle.

Established by a group of IT professionals, we are your go-to company for computer recycling. We accept all equipment, regardless of age or condition, including servers, desktops and laptops. All remaining data is securely destroyed, with a process that adheres to many internationally recognised standards. Computer equipment is then either refurbished or recycled.

Whether you’re an individual or company (of any size), we are keen to help. To arrange a collection simply fill in our online form, provide a detailed description of equipment and we can organise a collection quickly and efficiently. (To qualify for free delivery you must have a minimum of ten items). We collect almost anything electrical but charge for CRT monitors or televisions.

Where ever you are in London, we can help.

Sound good? To get started simply click here.