Do you have redundant or unwanted computer equipment? Want to get rid of it free of charge? Look no further than Tech Recycle.

Getting rid of old IT equipment can often feel like a baffling chore. Are all these wires of any use? That dead screen, is there something someone can do with it? Simply throwing old electrical equipment away feels profligate and environmentally unfriendly. In a tech-heavy world, we find ourselves wrestling with this dilemma more and more.

Take the pressure off, with Tech Recycle. With sites in both Farnham and Manchester, we help you get rid of old computer equipment throughout the UK. If you live in London and are looking to blow the technological dust off your old equipment, get in touch today. We provide a friendly and professional service, which will either refurbish your old equipment or be guaranteed to send it to the recycle plant. A highly ethical company, we won’t let anything simply sink to the bottom of a landfill.

Any old data on your equipment will also be safely and securely destroyed, using a destruction process will exceeds many recognized