IT Disposal in Guildford

Have you recently bought a new laptop or desktop computer? Maybe you have just upgraded the IT equipment for your office? In today’s ever-changing technology driven society everyone wants the most up-to-date advanced computing equipment they can afford. The purchasing is the easy part – knowing what to do with your outdated or damaged IT equipment is what’s difficult! That’s where Tech-Recycle comes in. Tech-Recycle offers safe, professional, and ethical IT recycling. Best of all the service is completely free!

Protecting your Personal Data

There is no need to worry about security or confidentiality as all company or personal data that might still be stored on any equipment received is irretrievably erased by Tech-Recycle. Using their in depth knowledge of IT, Tech-Recycle’s experts redeploy and refurbish as many items as is viable after collection. Refurbished equipment is sold to other companies, charities and the general public at very affordable prices, benefiting both the environment and tight budgets. So if you are based in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Guildford, Southampton, Woking, or Reading and need some unused IT equipment taken off your hands, get in touch with Tech-Recycle today. Call 01252 757790 to speak to one their knowledgeable team or visit the Tech-Recycle website for more information.

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