As technology advances at an alarming rate, computers are becoming outdated quicker than ever. This has led to more and more of us looking for ways to dispose of our equipment in a safe and ethical manner. Some people simply take their old computers to landfill, however, if your care about the environment this isn’t advisable. Did you know that old computers contain toxic chemicals and pollutants? When you’re looking for a retirement home foryour redundant computers, a greener alternative is to use Tech-Recycle. This Surrey-based company will collect your old IT equipment in order to refurbish it and redeploy it to those who cannot afford to buy new.

Giving your Computers a New Lease of Life 

Just because you have no further need for your old IT equipment, doesn’t mean that nobody else does. There are many people in the UK who require computers but cannot afford them and these are the people that Tech-Recycle aims to help. The team redeploys the refurbished equipment to start-ups, charities and families who simply don’t have the budget to buy new computers. The best thing about Tech-Recycle’s service is that it is completely free. Whether you’re in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Guildford, Southampton, Woking or Reading, why not find out more at the website?