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Do you no longer have a need for your old computer? Has it been replaced with a newer, more hi-tech model? Then you might be looking for a way to dispose of it quickly and easily. Rather than throwing your redundant PC out with your other waste and helping to contaminate your local landfill, why not recycle it? Just because you no longer find your old computer useful, it doesn’t mean that someone else would not be able to make use of it. You might even find PC recycling to be a rewarding experience! Many people who are looking to recycle their old computers and IT equipment safely and ethically get in touch with Tech-Recycle. Tech-Recycle can collect and recycle your computer free of charge.

What’s the Process?

When you use Tech-Recycle’s service, the team will firstly collect your old PC(s) and other IT equipment from your home or business premises. They’ll then assess it to see whether it still has some use. If so, it will be refurbished to a high standard and then donated to businesses, charities and families who cannot afford to buy new. If it cannot be refurbished, it will be broken down and its materials recycled. If you’re in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Guildford, Southampton, Woking or Reading and are looking for a computer recycling company near you, look no further than Tech-Recycle. information.

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  • Great service.  Randal was helpful, prompt, efficient- Steve Brinton – Analytical Research

    - Testimonial from Analytical Research
  • Tech Recycle is an excellent idea that’s also excellent in practice. Everyone I dealt with was super-efficient, friendly and helpful. No messing to arrange a collection – and no messing on the day. The driver rang to say when he’d arrive and was here to the minute. Also very polite, friendly and explained how the
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    - Testimonial from Freelance Writer
  • Brilliantly helpful, very pleasant collection had a little chat as we loaded the truck.  Would def use again –  – Matt Yeoman – Cycling UK

    - Testimonial from Cycling UK

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