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It’s been recently reported that the world’s electrical waste has now reached a mountainous 42 million. With a record amount of such waste being dumped in 2014, only one sixth of it is being properly recycled. Britain was the fifth largest offender for waste per capita, with 23.5kg of e-waste produced.

Waste which could have been recovered or recycled was worth a whopping $52.3m dollars in America. That’s no small sum. This is sad, because e-waste constitutes a potential reservoir of recyclable materials for hundreds of different uses. Not only that, but such waste contains numerous hazardous materials, such as mercury, cadmium and chromium. These are absolutely terrible for environment if left to fester in a landfill, as they release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.

Why not ease your conscience, and participate in computer recycling? If you’re looking for a computer recycling company in Southampton, consider Tech Recycle. Established by a group of IT specialists in 2009, we help people securely, ethically and easily recycle their IT and electrical equipment. As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, are guaranteed to either redeploy or recycle all equipment you bring to us.

Since this is such a valuable move to make, we pick up all computer equipment free of charge. Areas we work in include: London, Surrey, Hampshire, Guildford, Southampton, Woking, and Reading

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