Want to help stop harmful chemicals from damaging the environment? Then why not start by recycling your old computer? Rather than taking it to your local landfill along with your other household waste, a better alternative is to use a computer recycling service in your area. One company that comes highly recommended is Tech-Recycle. Tech-Recycle has been in business since 2009 and in that time is has built up a lengthy list of satisfied customers. The firm can collect computers and other IT equipment from both domestic and commercial customers in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Guildford, Southampton, Woking and Reading.

Give your Old Computer a New Lease of Life

Many people assume that because they no longer have use for their old computer, nobody else will either. This isn’t the case at all and Tech-Recycle will look to refurbish your computer in order to redeploy it to those who will benefit from it. This could be a family, charity or business that cannot afford to buy new IT equipment. To give your old computer a new lease of life, use Tech-Recycle’s safe, ethical and completely free recycling service. To find out more about the company, pay the website a visit today.