E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Unfortunately it’s only expected to rise over the next decade. In fact, estimates predict the global volume is set to grow by 33%- that’s the equivalent of eight of the Egyptian pyramids! Given the amount of computers in both our domestic and work environments, this is hardly surprising. Last year nearly 50 million tonnes of e-waste was produced worldwide.

Since electrical items contain a complex mix of materials, there are many things which can be salvaged to make new products, including plastics, circuit boards, wiring and metals. The rest can be recycled, but if taken to a dump, will merely end up at the bottom of a landfill. Once in a place like this, toxic materials like lead, mercury and arsenic seep out into the environment, contaminating land, water and air. Worse still, some materials are shipped to the developing world, ending up in landfills there instead.

If looking to find IT recycling services in Hampshire, look no further than Tech Recycle. Relieve your conscience and ensure old equipment ends up where it ought to: either recycled or refurbished, safely and ethically. All data will be destroyed securely and safely, according to many internationally recognised standards. Not only that, we recycle free of charge.

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What our customers say about us:
  • Fantastic company with a great level of service. Always prompt to arrive and happy to take all IT waste.

    Matt Stott
  • no trouble at all - staff were very helpful and pleasant to deal with even got items out of my car.

    Suzan Jones
  • WEEE love this Service! Superb, no-hassle IT recycling from a company that really knows how to look after its customers :>)

    Tony James
  • As a Facilities Manager I have used Tech Recycle for many years & have always had an excellent service. I am very happy to recommend then as a service provider.

    Gordon Coe
  • I cannot believe how fast they collected the equipment. I spoke to them on Thursday and a collection was here on Friday. It was clear that this company is experienced and organised and I received a digital waste transfer notice... read more

    Joe Cottam
  • We had number of old IT equipment in our community centre and wanted to recycle it but since we’re a charity it was important that the service was free. Everybody in Tech-Recycle was very useful explaining the process and what... read more

    gosia CV
  • We have used Tech Recycle on multiple occasions to dispose of surplus IT equipment. They are easy to contact, quick to reply and provide a reliable, efficient service.We like the feeling that equipment is being recycled rather than just dumped,... read more

    EPA Language Services
  • Really impressed - prompt, efficient, friendly service. Can't fault them.

    Steve Brinton
  • I would like say how good the service that Tech Recycle give. We have used them for a while now and their always very helpful and prompt. A great service.

    Marcus Bradbury
  • Had 9 years worth of accumulated assorted electronic bits and bobs, routers, decommissioned PBX systems, old telephone handsets, cables, printers, hard-drives, power supplies etc, clogging up my stores. So glad I found Tech-Recycle, I loaded up a van load, arrived... read more

    Kevan Thompson