Did you know, discarding electronic products in landfills is not only wasteful, it can release certain toxins in the air? It’s been estimated that the global rise in e-waste is set to reach 65.4 million tons annually by 2017. In only five years, the yearly amount of e-waste is predicted to rise 33 per cent from the 49 million tons generated last year. Computer devices are increasingly found everywhere in our lives. Many of them contain heavy metals and toxic materials which are dangerous for people and the environment if not properly recycled.

Britain, unfortunately, is a major contributor to this problem. We rank sixth in the world in terms of the total amount, according to The Independent. This means we create around 1.4 million tons of e-waste a year. This is no small amount, and means we’re the worst offender in the EU! Every year people get rid of IT equipment that could be reused or recycled. A quarter of products taken to waste recycling centres are in working order and could be resold.

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