IT Disposal Hampshire

With the range of electric technology ever growing, there is a burgeoning amount of e-waste accumulating in the UK. The charity WRAP estimates around 600 million tonnes of products and materials enters the UK every year, of which only 115 million tonnes get recycled. That’s a huge amount ending up at the bottom of a landfill. Even the government is now looking into the possibilities of utilising old electrical equipment.

Did you know, nearly 25% of your electrical waste could be reused? Not only that, the rest can be ethically recycled.

If you’re searching for IT disposal in Hampshire, head straight to Tech Recycle. Taking the hassle out of IT disposal, we want to make sure your e-waste is dealt with as ethically and safely as possible.

Formed in 2009 by a group of IT professionals, we help both companies and individuals securely dispose of old IT equipment throughout Hampshire and the surrounding areas. A Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we are registered with the Environmental Agency to carry out repairs and refurbishments on any electrical equipment. Not only that, but our service is entirely free of charge. After all, recycling or refurbishing your equipment is the best step forward for everyone.

Areas we work in include: London, Surrey, Hampshire, Guildford, Southampton, Woking, and Reading.

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