Did you know, a majority of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Waste) thrown away still has life in it? It’s important to get the maximum use from a product, especially giving the growing amount of e-waste around. Electronic waste is now worth over £34 billion according to The Telegraph. The shorter technology lifespans are one of the causes of such a huge problem.

If your computer has bitten the dust and you live in Reading, contact Tech Recycle for a free pick-up and recycling service.

We want to ensure that your computer meets the most ethical end; that’s why we will either recycle or redeploy your old device for those that need it.

Whether you’re in London or Reading, our team will pick up your old computer(s) for free. Our recycling techniques guarantee all existing data will be destroyed, and meet or exceed international standards.

Our service is quick, trustworthy and will save you time and money.

Last year we won the ‘Going Green’ Award from FSB Surrey Business Awards for the second consecutive year in a row. Why not go green with us?

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