IT Recycling In Reading

Did you get plenty of new gadgets over Christmas?

Whether it was Bluetooth speakers, a new laptop or PC monitor, it’s likely it replaced old equipment you need to get rid of.

According to the UN’s environmental programme, up to 90% of the world’s electronic waste is being dumped illegally. And this accumulation of waste is actually worth £12 billion annually. Seems a waste of ‘waste’, doesn’t it? Forecasts also predict waste will reach 50 million tonnes in 2017, with each tonne being worth around £300.

The final destination of much waste is Africa or Asia, particularly Ghana and Nigeria.

For IT recycling in Reading, send your old computer to a good home with Tech Recycle.

Where ever you are in Reading, we’ll pick your old computer up for free, whether from your office or home, saving you both time and money- and easing your conscience. No more lugging that heavy computer to the local dump. We can also safely recycle your old smart phone, if needed.

IT recycling has never been easier.

To organise a free collection, click here.

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