Do you need computer recycling in London?

The country’s capital is absolutely full of businesses that rely on technology.  With hundreds of start-up businesses and older, more established companies, there is a great deal of redundant computers every year. Creative companies in particular like to keep up with the latest innovations in design.

If your company has redundant equipment, you may be searching for the most ethical way of shifting it. Unfortunately a great deal of ‘e-waste’ ends up in landfills which are often in third world countries. This involves significant harm to workers and communities who can be exposed to leaking materials. Rapid changes in technology have exacerbated the amount of e-waste over the past decade.

If you need computer recycling in London, look no further than Tech Recycle. We accept all IT equipment, regardless of its age or condition, free of charge. Anything we can’t refurbish is recycled using the most ethical methods. If you have data remaining on your computer you’re concerned about, you needn’t worry. We destroy data using methods which comply with (and exceed) many internationally recognised standards.

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