Need Computer Disposal Hampshire?

Human beings threw out an estimated 41.8 million tonnes of e-waste last year. And the UK has contributed 1.5 million tonnes of this so far. Needless the say, we are far from the most innocent offender. Indeed, the UK actually ranks sixth in the world for high levels of e-waste.

Sadly, at the present moment, only 15% of e-waste is recycled. And since most electrical waste is dumped neither securely nor ethically, this has led to hellish underground economies springing up around e-waste in China and Ghana.

Looking for computer disposal in Hampshire? Simply head to Tech Recycle. Formed in 2009, we help people dispose of redundant or unwanted computer equipment, as ethically and securely as possible. Any equipment refurbished will be sent to those who need it. This includes charities, families, companies and start-up businesses. Computer equipment which cannot be recycled is broken down and ethically recycled.

Tech Recycle ensure any remaining data passed on to us is destroyed. We use a destruction process which meets or exceeds many internationally recognised standards including the UK’s CESG’s IS 5 and US Army AR380-19 DoD 5220.22 M.

Our services are completely free. Get in touch today.

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