Need IT Recycling Hampshire

There’s no denying we live in a tech-heavy world nowadays. Ever since the millennium, the amount of technology has expanded at record rates. Unfortunately this also means PC computers and laptops are more expendable, along with phones, MP3 players, DVD players and more. While in days gone by, technology often lasted for years, people in the 21st century like to keep up with the latest changes.

Who could predict how much mobiles would change, a decade ago? Or PC tablets? And who knows what changes are afoot in the years to come? One thing is for sure: we need to find a good way to dispose of used technology or we’ll be in trouble. In order to stymie the flow of e-waste it’s vital we either recycle or reuse.

The destination of old computer equipment is often far from ideal. Landfill sites do nothing utilise the valuable parts of old computers, and often lead to terrible chemical leaks.

Do you have redundant IT equipment in Hampshire? For a free collection service, which will ensure your equipment meets a good home, give Tech Recycle a ring. We will collect you IT equipment free of charge and ensure it’s either recycled or reused.

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