Securely, Ethically and Easily Recycle IT and Office Equipment

Would you like your old IT and office equipment to go to someone less fortunate? Then get in touch with Tech-Recycle now. This established company can collect your old equipment with the aim of refurbishing it and redeploying it to those who cannot afford to buy new. The Tech-Recycle team will visit your business premises or home at a time that’s convenient to you and collect your equipment – whether you have a single computer or a whole room of them. When you want to recycle your IT and office equipment in a secure and ethical manner, look no further than Tech-Recycle.

A Completely Free Service

One of the key aspects of Tech-Recycle’s service is that it is 100% free of charge. The company will collect, refurbish and redeploy your IT equipment at no cost to you. It won’t cost you a single penny. So rather than paying someone to take your redundant office equipment to landfill, think green and use Tech-Recycle instead. The company serves private and commercial clients in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Guildford, Southampton, Woking and Reading. Call the team now on 01252 757790 or visit the website to learn more about Tech-Recycle and its service.

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