Securely, Ethically and Easily Recycle IT and Office Equipment

Are you a modern business that’s keen to keep up with advancements in modern technology? Then it’s possible that your store room is full of redundant IT and office equipment. Technology is continuing to advance at a rapid rate and as a result, computers become outdated very quickly and often become destined for a life spent in a darkened store room. Rather than letting your equipment take up valuable space in your store room, a better idea is to recycle it in a safe and ethical manner. Many businesses use Tech-Recycle when they require a hassle-free recycling service for their old IT equipment.

A Completely Free Service

These days, you don’t need to pay someone to take away your old electrical items. Tech-Recycle provide a free service whereby they’ll visit your premises and collect your items with the aim of refurbishing them. The company has a far-reaching reputation and has both private and commercial customers in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Guildford, Southampton, Woking and Reading. To learn more about Tech-Recycle and its service, visit the website or to discuss your requirements with one of the friendly and knowledgeable team, don’t hesitate to call 01252 757790.

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