Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and this means that individuals and businesses are constantly upgrading their computers in order to have the latest model on the market. It’s a sign of the times that what’s hi-tech today will be obsolete tomorrow. Unfortunately, this means that hundreds of unwanted computers are regularly dumped at landfills throughout the country. This is bad news for the environment as the average computer contains a number a toxic chemicals, including lead, cadmium and mercury. Therefore, rather than taking your old computers and IT equipment to your local landfill, it makes sense to get in touch with an environmentally responsible computer recycling firm. One company that comes highly recommended is Tech-Recycle. Based in Farnham in Surrey, Tech-Recycle serves domestic and commercial customers in London, Hampshire, Guildford, Southampton, Woking, Reading and throughout the UK.

Refurbishing your Old Equipment

Tech-Recycle’s experienced and knowledgeable team are able to refurbish your old computers to the highest standards. This allows the firm to deploy them to companies, charities and families who don’t have the budget to buy new equipment. To find out more about Tech-Recycle and its computer recycling service, head to the website today.