Both business and homes nowadays are loaded with technology. From laptops to smart phones, people like to keep up with latest advancements.

When you feel guilty about dumping old IT equipment at the local dump, that feeling is unfortunately justified. The junk yard is actually the worst place for it. When left to sink beneath a sea of other defunct technology, any useful precious metals will go to waste. That’s not to mention the toxic chemicals which leak out and damage the environment. Worst still, some technology can actually be re-utilised with a little help.

So, where is the best place for it? The answer lies in a good recycling plant, which won’t let any materials go to waste. Currently only 16% of e-waste is being diverted from landfills. With the huge rise in technology, this simply isn’t enough to change matters. By making the right choices, you could make a big difference to the future.

Are you searching for the best IT recycling in Guildford? If so, Tech Recycle are keen to help. We accept all computer/electrical equipment of any age or condition. Not only that, if you have ten items we collect all items completely free of charge, or you’re welcome to drop them off to us

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