Compliance with the Data Protection Act

Thinking of recycling your company’s old computers and other IT equipment? Then you may be concerned about what will happen to data that’s been left on your machines. Often, this can be of a highly sensitive nature and you’re right to be concerned about the prospect of it ending up in the wrong hands. Tech-Recycle is one IT recycling firm that complies with the Data Protection Act and so you can rest-assured that it will either physically shred or irretrievably erase any data that it receives from your company. The company serves both commercial and domestic customers in London, Hampshire, Guildford, Southampton, Woking and Reading.

A Completely Free Service

Unlike some other IT recycling companies, Tech-Recycle provides a completely free service. So rather than paying a firm to collect and recycle your computers and other IT equipment, simply call the team at Tech-Recycle. They’ll visit your business premises at a time that’s convenient to you in order to collect your items and then they’ll get to work refurbishing them to the highest standards. By choosing Tech-Recycle, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re disposing of your equipment in a safe and ethical manner. To find out more about the company, head to the website today.

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