Looking for IT Disposal in London?

Looking for IT disposal in London? As the UK’s corporate and cultural hub, London is surely the most tech-heavy place in the country. After all, there are more people living in London than in the whole of Austria.

With hundreds of cities and homes buzzing with electrical activity, it’s inevitable for the city to create a great deal of e-waste. Full of large-scale businesses, many offices in London are filled with the latest computer equipment. This means disposing of any out-of-date IT products quite frequently. With the soaring amount of e-waste in the UK overall, there’s no doubt London has to be one of the most guilty places.

If you’re looking for IT disposal in London, simply head to Tech Recycle. We do free collections of electrical equipment from anywhere in the UK.

We recycle all old IT equipment ethically, safely and productively, with any equipment which can be redeployed being passed on to those who need it. All remaining data on your old equipment will be destroyed to internationally recognised standards.

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