Free IT/WEEE Recycling

Tech Recycle collect and recycle all forms of IT and electrical equipment free of charge.

We use our own drivers, and GPS tracked vehicles and return everything we collect to our secure facility for processing.

All data passed to us is then permanently destroyed by software wiping using standards that meet or exceed internationally recognized standards including the UK’s CESG (Communications Electronics Security Group) Infosec standard No.5 and US Army AR380-19 DoD 5220.22M. Any media containing data that we are unable to wipe (eg. non-functioning media) is physically destroyed. A certificate of data destruction is issued when this process is complete.

Depending on the age and condition of the equipment we collect we then either breakdown and recycle the equipment or professionally refurbish and redeploy the laptops, computers and servers to benefit parents, individuals, charities and companies looking for IT equipment at a budget conscious price. All of this enables us to continue offering our services free of charge to our customers.

We operate a zero landfill, zero export policy on anything we collect.

We are fully Environment Agency registered, Microsoft Registered Refurbishers and members of ORB (the organization of responsible businesses).

To book a collection:

We ask for a minimum of 10 items in order to cover our overheads but will accept all forms of IT and office equipment whether working or not (with the exception of white goods). This includes but is not limited to tablets, PCs, laptops, servers, batteries, cables, keyboards, printers, photocopiers, shredders, phones and phone systems. We also accept  industry specific items such as video, photographic and conferencing equipment, educational hardware, test and development equipment. The generic phrase we use is ‘anything with a plug’.   There is no upper limit and we regularly de-commission entire buildings, data centres and computer suites too. If you don’t have ten items, we can still collect and recycle the items, but charge a flat fee of £25 (plus VAT). Alternatively you can bring or send the items to us

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