If you’re starting a business, or have already got up and running one of the most expensive things to consider is your IT equipment. Many businesses are aware that good reliable and scalable infrastructure is essential, but simply don’t have the budget.

The best solution is always to build a ‘proper’ industry standard network that can meets all your need from day one, but be flexible enough to grow with you. This can be prohibitively expensive in many cases leading to many companies implementing a couple of pcs on a peer to peer network with inadequate data storage and sharing and often poor backup solutions.

We can offer a high quality industry standard network for a fraction of the cost of most solutions. We provide expertly refurbished servers, pcs, laptops and infrastructure, and can build a network perfectly suited to your needs both now and in the future as you grow.

Complete Network package – A refurbished, warrantied server and 5 PC’s supplied and installed for under £3500*

As well as our usual deals on refurbished laptops starting from £125 and PCs from £98, for a limited time we are offering a great deal on our network packages. All of our network packages are tailor made for your business; but a typical example is shown below.

  • Fully refurbished and guaranteed server running Microsoft Small Business Server with up to 5 users (additional licenses available)
  • 5 PC’s with Windows XP Professional, including monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Refurbished laptop with XP professional
  • Office Software on all machines
  • Complete server virus, spyware and spam protection
  • Full backup solution

*The installation includes setup and configuration of SBS 2003, network infrastructure (switches, etc.), connection of all PCs to the network and cabling/sundries subject to site visit

 If we may be able to help you or you would like more information please contact us on 01252 75 77 90 or email installation@tech-recycle.com. 

 Who are we? 

Tech-Recycle was started by a group of IT professionals to help companies securely and ethically dispose of redundant, unwanted or obsolete IT equipment in line with the WEEE directive. With a long established background in the IT industry we are ideally suited to understand your requirements and offer a safe, professional and ethical route to recycling and redeploying IT equipment. 

What do we do? 

Put simply, Tech-Recycle collect redundant and end of life IT equipment and WEEE from companies of all sizes, then refurbish the equipment and redeploy the equipment to companies, charities and start-ups that don’t have the budget to buy new equipment.  

  • All the machines we supply are extensively tested and provided with a full warranty
  • All our machines are well known reliable brands such as Dell, HP, Fujitsu, IBM
  • We use a large network of recognized, Microsoft certified IT companies, so you can be confident your network will be installed by trusted local professionals.
  • Any equipment we are unable to refurbish is broken down and ethically recycled. We have a zero landfill policy and don’t export anything outside the UK. 

What could a server do for me? 

  • Protect your business and prevent data loss.   ?
    SBS 2003 R2 offers a more secure infrastructure that helps protect your business from unauthorized users and data loss.
  • Get the” green check” of software health.
    Automated patch and update management keeps your PCs and servers up-to-date, and a daily status report can be e-mailed so you (or your IT consultant) to identify issues before they occur. A “green check” indicates that your computers are up-to- date or the report details actions necessary for attaining the “green check” status.
  • Keep your business up and running with a reliable network.     
    Built on Microsoft Windows Server™ technology, the most reliable network operating system Microsoft has ever produced; Windows Small Business Server delivers an operating system you can depend on.
  • Optimize your Windows investment.         
    Built on Windows technology, SBS 2003 R2 enables you to benefit from efficiencies and savings inherent in having an integrated network.
  • Increase productivity with one central location for company data.      
    Windows Small Business Server provides a central location to store your company data so employees can quickly find the right information, share record-keeping, communicate and collaborate on group projects.
  • Present a more professional image.        ?
    Get the tools you need to help create a strong brand, including a customized Web site that resides on your server — no sharing of your domain name with a Web hosting company.
  • Access business information and resources from virtually anywhere, anytime.         ?
    Be productive whether you’re out of the office, at home, or on the road.
  • Reduce costs by sharing printers, Internet access, faxes, and more.      
    As a complete network solution, Windows Small Business Server enables your business to get more done with what you already have.
  • Stay connected to your customers and serve them better          .
    With Windows Small Business Server, you can stay connected, present a professional appearance, and manage your customer relationships more effectively. Server technology can streamline customer communications!
  • Get a platform that is easy to grow for today and tomorrow. ?
    Windows Small Business Server is a robust, flexible platform that can be customized to your needs. Affordable today, and scalable for tomorrow, it provides a solid “technology building block” for future technology enhancements to your business. Windows Small Business Server has the flexibility to grow with your company. As your business expands, you can add additional servers and transition seamlessly to the full line of Microsoft Windows Server System ™ productss. 

What do I need to do? 

email us or call us on 01252 75 77 90 for more details about any of the above, or just for a chat. You can also visit our website: www.tech-recycle.info.

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What our customers say about us:
  • Every year or so our company ends up with a pile of redundant hardware as equipment is replaced. We wait until we have enough to qualify for a free collection and book Tech-Recycle to come and get it.... read more

    Psycho Delic
  • I inherited an IT store full to bursting with IT kit that I don't need. Tech-Recycle to the rescue.Filled in a simple web form and was contacted the same day to arrange collection. Driver arrived as arranged and was helpful... read more

    Paul Price
  • Tech Recycle came back very promptly with some suggested collection dates. We had a mass of IT kit to be got rid off. They are efficient, free and friendly. this is the 2nd time we have used Tech-Recycle and due... read more

    Fiona Robb
  • After a little confusion on the collection date; a drive from Tech Recycle turned up and was a super star! I'm not sure he was ware of the amount of old tech that needed to be collected (he looked... read more

    Daniel French
  • We had used Tech-Recycle before and they were also recommended to us by our external network provider. The online request form was really easy to complete, I heard back from Tech-Recycle promptly and the collection was made within a couple... read more

    Helen Moules
  • We had number of old IT equipment in our community centre and wanted to recycle it but since we’re a charity it was important that the service was free. Everybody in Tech-Recycle was very useful explaining the process and what... read more

    gosia CV
  • Great service, will use again, super friendly and efficient even in these difficult times !!!

    Angie Sidney
  • As a domestic customer, the staff were very helpful, polite and efficient. This was my second visit and have recommended TECH-RECYCLE to and, used by, to family and friends.

    Brian Graham
  • no trouble at all - staff were very helpful and pleasant to deal with even got items out of my car.

    Suzan Jones
  • Prompt and helpful collection and destruction of PC's

    Oliver Spriggs