Book a WEEElieBin Collection

Please complete the form below to organize a WEEElieBin collection.

Once you have submitted the form our scheduling team will contact you to arrange a suitable time for collection. You will receive a Duty of Care (Controlled Waste) notice at the time of collection and another with a more detailed list of items in the WEEElieBin. When we have processed the equipment any relevant data destruction certificates will be issued.

If you choose the premium disk service at a charge of £6 per item you will receive a detailed certificate including asset numbers and serial numbers of disks. Our standard service provides a general certificate confirming all data on drives/media has been destroyed.

If your WEEElieBin does not contain 10 qualifying items it will be subject to our standard charge.
If your WEEElieBin is damaged and requires replacement there will be a charge of £230 + VAT.
If your WEEElieBin is contaminated with non electrical items or items we can’t accept there will be a cleaning charge of £85 + VAT.


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