Have you got a cache of old gadgets in Reading? Whether it’s a Nokia Lumia 800 or broken laptop, the likelihood is you don’t want to leave it at a landfill. But what’s the alternative?

Electronic recycling is an important part of living in the 21st century. Yet only around 16% of the world’s e-waste gets recycled- a shockingly small proportion.

With tech obsolescence higher than ever, it’s likely to become a worsening problem in the years to come. While gadgets used to be handed down, too many people now want the latest gadgets. In some cases, this is understandable.  Smart phones from only six years ago aren’t compatible with the latest apps, and are therefore unappealing to most people.

Apple has already started recovering millions of gold from their recycling program. If you’re in Reading in Berkshire, where’s the place to start?

If you require an IT disposal service in the UK, then Tech Recycle are keen to help you. Winner of the ‘Going Green Awards 2015’, our company want to make the UK are greener place to live. And we recognise that e-waste recycling is a big part of that.

As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, our team always destroy data to globally recognised standards. You can either bring your electricals to us for free recycling or arrange a free collection in Reading or anywhere in the South East.

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